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This application will help you discovering a new place, but you’ll remain the boss.

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Maps in Motion

Easy to use

Use the map to select one or more targets... And move.

Go where you want to go.

You will always be able to identify your position, and to know the heading and directions of your targets.

Offline maps

This is an offline application; an internet connection is not necessary, nor is a fixed data package.

For iPhones and iPads

1...2...3... Go !

When you discover a new place, a simple map is not enough to help you....

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Just came from Barcelona and what a difference this app makes! Imagine you have been spending already the day walking through monuments and sites, now tired you simply want to join that restaurant your concierge suggested in the old city... Or find the quickest way to the closest metro station... or the square where you're supposed to meet your party. Basically a very effective navigational aid for tourists, with zero roaming fees. Highly recommended.

Albazilla | iTunes Connect

I am in Rome studying architecture at this moment, and this app is very useful. I would recommend it to anyone as a means to feel confident diving into a city. Even one as complex as Rome.


Idiot-proof navigation around the city...

Awesome app! by Anonymous98789ghjjhh

Just used this for several days in Vienna. It's superb. Always having an arrow pointing to your destination is the most useful of features. Easy to use, reliable and makes all the other city maps I've used seem cumbersome and old fashioned. Bravo.

Indispensable by Bargepole


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